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mgo release r2014.07.21, now at

This is a special release of mgo, the Go driver for MongoDB. Besides the several new features, this release marks the change of the Go package import path to, after years using the current one based on a static … Continue reading

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Go QML Contest results

Yesterday at GopherCon I had the chance to sit together with Dave Cheney and Jamu Kakar to judge the entries received for the Go QML Contest. The result was already announced today, live at the second day of GopherCon, including … Continue reading

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Arbitrary Qt extensions with Go QML

As part of the on going work on Ubuntu Touch phones, I was invited to contribute a Go package to interface with ubuntuoneauth, a C++ and Qt library that authenticates against Ubuntu One using the system account made available by … Continue reading

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Go QML Contest

UPDATE: The contest result is out. A couple of weeks ago a probe message was sent to a few places questioning whether there would be enough interest on a development contest involving Go QML applications. Since the result was quite … Continue reading

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Taking the Gopher for a spin

As originally shared on Google+, and as a follow up of the previous post covering OpenGL on Go QML, a new screencast was published to demonstrate the latest features introduced around OpenGL support in Go QML: Refrences: Go QML project … Continue reading

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QML components with Go and OpenGL

As recently announced, my latest endeavor at Canonical is to enable graphical client-side development with the Go language via a new qml Go package that integrates the language with Qt’s QML framework. The QML framework solves the problem of designing … Continue reading

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mgo r2013.09.04 released

Another release of the mgo Go driver for MongoDB hits the repository. Here is the selection of fixes and improvements:

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An AVR assembly test suite

About a year ago I ordered a pack of 10 atmega328p processors from China to play with. They took a while to get here, and it took even longer for me to get back to them, but a few days … Continue reading

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Twik: a tiny language for Go

As part of one of the projects we’ve been pushing at Canonical, I spent a few days researching about the possibility of extending a compiled Go application with a tiny language that would allow expressing simple procedural logic in a … Continue reading

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House decoration by Epson

I bought an Epson multi-functional printer last weekend, and now I have a big and expensive furniture for the house. This is what one gets into when buying an Epson printer:

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