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Removing seatbelts with the Go language for mmap support

Continuing the sequence of experiments I’ve been running with the Go language, I’ve just made available a tiny but useful new package: gommap. As one would imagine, this new package provides access to low-level memory mapping for files and devices, … Continue reading

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Interfaces and the design of software

A while ago Martin Pool made a very interesting post on the design of interfaces, inspired by a talk from Rusty Russel from 2003. Besides the interesting scale of interface quality explained there, this is a very insightful comment, often … Continue reading

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Gocheck: A rich testing library for Go

It’s time to release my “side project” which has been evolving over the last several months: Gocheck. I’ve been watching Go for some time, and have been getting more and more interested in the language. My first attempt to write … Continue reading

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