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Watch out for list(dict.keys()) in Python 3

As everyone is probably aware by now, in Python 3 dict.keys(), dict.values() and dict.items() will all return iterable views instead of lists. The standard way being suggested to overcome the difference, when the original behavior was actually intended, is to … Continue reading

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MagLev and distributed VMs

Avi Bryant is working on MagLev, a Ruby interpreter, based on Gemstone’s Smalltalk VM, with some very amazing features, like transactioned objects distributed across several VMs: The integrated VMs, cache, and storage conspire to create an illusion that global state … Continue reading

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Improving reading habits

Today, Sunday, on the mailman day, I decided to change my reading habits. You’d certainly laugh if I told you how many mailing lists, blogs, and IRC channels I try to follow (won’t include IM networks here as I don’t … Continue reading

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