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Bazaar, the git way

Back at the Ubuntu Platform Rally last week, I’ve pestered some of the Bazaar team with questions about co-location of branches in the same directory with Bazaar. The great news is that this seems to be really coming for the … Continue reading

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Launchpad + Rietveld == HappyCodeReviews

In the past week, I’ve finally stopped to fix something that I’ve been wishing for years: inline code reviews in Launchpad. Well, I haven’t exactly managed fix it in Launchpad, but the integration with Rietveld feels nice enough to be … Continue reading

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Support for Launchpad and Bazaar in goinstall

The patch submitted last weekend to support Launchpad and Bazaar in goinstall went in! This means that once the next release of Go is out (or you sync up with the tip code) you’ll be able to host modules for … Continue reading

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brother… My brother Diogo is in town! Good to see him after so much time. pycon… PyCon 2007 was fantastic. It was great to meet everyone there, and we had two awesome sprinting weeks around it. confluence… I’ve recently visited … Continue reading

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editmoin now talks to moin 1.6

editmoin 1.8 was just released, including support for moin 1.6, submitted by both David I. Lehn and Daniele Favara, and URL aliases, as suggested by Diogo Matsubara. One interesting thing I should mention is that Daniele has sent me a … Continue reading

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