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Launchpad + Rietveld == HappyCodeReviews

In the past week, I’ve finally stopped to fix something that I’ve been wishing for years: inline code reviews in Launchpad. Well, I haven’t exactly managed fix it in Launchpad, but the integration with Rietveld feels nice enough to be … Continue reading

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Support for Launchpad and Bazaar in goinstall

The patch submitted last weekend to support Launchpad and Bazaar in goinstall went in! This means that once the next release of Go is out (or you sync up with the tip code) you’ll be able to host modules for … Continue reading

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Support for GPS TrackMaker file format on GPSBabel

Continuing my put-those-bits-out-of-your-hard-drive campaign, I’ve released a patched version of GPSBabel with support for input and output of waypoints, tracks and routes in the binary file format of GPS TrackMaker. The patch was written six months ago (sorry :-) ). … Continue reading

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Embedding Lua interpreter into RPM

I’ve recently committed into the RPM CVS HEAD the internal support for Lua scripts. Please, notice that this is experimental stuff. Why embedding Lua in RPM? Many scripts execute simple operations which in an internal interpreter require no forking at … Continue reading

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New RPM transaction locking

Last week I’ve worked with Jeff Johnson to fix a small RPM issue which was bothering us for quite some time. Until this change, RPM was accepting two transactions to be run at the same time but, unfortunately, this might … Continue reading

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Compiler warnings in Python’s SRE

After a long time, and many people complaining about it, I finally took some time to fix some annoying compiler warnings in Python’s regular expression engine. Since it’s a rather uncommon case, I’ll explain it here with a quick example. … Continue reading

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Removed SRE recursion in Python

SRE is the current regular expression engine used in Python, and the scheme currently in use is highly recursive in some cases. For example, check the result of the following expression, with the current interpreters: >>> import re >>> re.match(‘(x)*’,’x’*10000) … Continue reading

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Java bits

For the first time in my life, I’ve been paid to implement something in the Java language. Conectiva has been contracted to implement X500 address book support in a known Brazilian groupware tool, for the Brazilian government. This tool runs … Continue reading

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