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Leveling up snapd integration tests

Over the last several months there has been noticeable and growing pain associated with the evolving integration tests around snapd, and given the project goal of being a cross-distribution platform, we are very keen on solving this problem appropriately so … Continue reading

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An AVR assembly test suite

About a year ago I ordered a pack of 10 atmega328p processors from China to play with. They took a while to get here, and it took even longer for me to get back to them, but a few days … Continue reading

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Multi-doc transactions for MongoDB

I’m glad to announce experimental support for multi-document transactions in the mgo driver that integrates MongoDB with the Go language. The support is done via a driver extension, so it works with any MongoDB release supported by the driver (>= … Continue reading

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Death of goroutines under control

Certainly one of the reasons why many people are attracted to the Go language is its first-class concurrency aspects. Features like communication channels, lightweight processes (goroutines), and proper scheduling of these are not only native to the language but are … Continue reading

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Interfaces and the design of software

A while ago Martin Pool made a very interesting post on the design of interfaces, inspired by a talk from Rusty Russel from 2003. Besides the interesting scale of interface quality explained there, this is a very insightful comment, often … Continue reading

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Gocheck: A rich testing library for Go

It’s time to release my “side project” which has been evolving over the last several months: Gocheck. I’ve been watching Go for some time, and have been getting more and more interested in the language. My first attempt to write … Continue reading

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Mocker 1.0 for Python released!

After a few years in development, version 1.0 of Mocker is now available! Check out the changes since 0.10.1, the supported features, or go straight to the download page.

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The forgotten art of error checking

I was just rambling randomly yesterday, in the usual microblogging platforms, about how result checking seems to be ignored or done badly. The precise wording was: It’s really amazing how little attention error handling receives in most software development. Even … Continue reading

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Xpresser – Python library for GUI automation with image matching

In a hurry? Go check it out! The context A while ago I found out about Sikuli, a very interesting project which allows people to script actions in GUIs based on screenshot excerpts. The idea is that you basically take … Continue reading

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Mocker 0.10 and trivial patch-mocking of existing objects

Mocker 0.10 is out, with a number of improvements! While we’re talking about Mocker, here is another interesting use case, exploring a pretty unique feature it offers. Suppose we want to test that a method hello() on an object will … Continue reading

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