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Partial stubbing of os.path.isfile() with Mocker

One neat feature which Mocker offers is the ability to very easily implement custom behavior on specific functions or methods. Take for instance the case where you want to pretend to some code that a given file exists, but you … Continue reading

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More releases: dateutil 1.3 and nicefloat 1.1

A couple of additional releases tonight: dateutil 1.3, and nicefloat 1.1. They’re both bug fixing releases.

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Mocker 0.9

A few more improvements were made to Mocker.

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Storm has always reused connections (connection pooling?)

I’ve recently seen some comments here and there about the lack of connection pooling as an argument for Storm to be faster, and that once this is supported it will be slower, or even as a reason for people not … Continue reading

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Mocker for Python released!

After being bored for a long time for the lack of a better infrastructure for creating test doubles in Python, I decided to give it a go. I’m actually quite happy with what came out.. it took me about four … Continue reading

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