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Announcing mgo r2015.10.05

Another stable release of the mgo Go driver for MongoDB hits the shelves, and this one brings some important improvements and fixes. As usual, it also remains fully compatible with prior releases in the v2 series. Please read along for … Continue reading

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Readying mgo for MongoDB 3.0

MongoDB 3.0 (previously known as 2.8) is right around the block, and it’s time to release a few fixes and improvements on the mgo driver for Go to ensure it works fine on that new major server version. Compatibility is … Continue reading

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mgo release r2014.07.21, now at

This is a special release of mgo, the Go driver for MongoDB. Besides the several new features, this release marks the change of the Go package import path to, after years using the current one based on a static … Continue reading

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jsonpeer puts the P in JSONP

Today was updated with the latest image data for Ubuntu 13.04 and all the previous releases as well. Rather than simply hardcoding the values again, though, the JavaScript code was changed so that it imports the new JSON-based feeds … Continue reading

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12 years ago

These ancient entries were taken from my old Advogato diary, written in my early twenties, a year after I joined the development team of Conectiva Linux. I’m copying them for historic purposes, with the content untouched. It’s curious to look … Continue reading

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