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Using coverage checks to improve testing

Today I’ve been working to fix an old problem which beats us, Python users, from time to time: the recursive limitation in the regular expression engine, SRE. I’ll probably talk more about this fix in the future. For now, I’d … Continue reading

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Understanding Python’s SRE structure

If you’re a Python developer, you most certainly have used Python’s regular expression for some purpose. Have you ever thought about how it is currently organized? The SRE engine, written by Fredrik Lundh, is the default regular expression engine since … Continue reading

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Using the auto_ptr concept in C++

In C++, local instances (these not allocated by hand) have their destructors run as soon as they go out of scope. This behavior is explored in a few different schemes, besides its obvious intent of destructing the instance. The most … Continue reading

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Why Lua was embedded into APT-RPM

Why embedding at all? APT-RPM is a port of the debian APT tool to RPM systems. Since I’ve started working in the project, I’ve been thinking about integrating a higher level language on it. Actually, it’s pretty easy to explain … Continue reading

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