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House decoration by Epson

I bought an Epson multi-functional printer last weekend, and now I have a big and expensive furniture for the house. This is what one gets into when buying an Epson printer:

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Smart Package Manager 1.0

After 4.5 years in development, Smart has been branded as 1.0. A big Thank You to everyone who contributed along the years.

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Write more to write better

In his post Quantity Always Trumps Quality, Jeff Atwood made a very interesting reference to an arts-related book: The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side … Continue reading

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Improving reading habits

Today, Sunday, on the mailman day, I decided to change my reading habits. You’d certainly laugh if I told you how many mailing lists, blogs, and IRC channels I try to follow (won’t include IM networks here as I don’t … Continue reading

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brother… My brother Diogo is in town! Good to see him after so much time. pycon… PyCon 2007 was fantastic. It was great to meet everyone there, and we had two awesome sprinting weeks around it. confluence… I’ve recently visited … Continue reading

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Moved to a new place!

After a somewhat long effort, all posts were moved to the shiny new blog on, including comments! The new blog is based on WordPress, and brings a few new features that I was missing in LiveJournal. I of course … Continue reading

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Time to shake

I’d like to communicate that I’m shaking my life a bit, and even though I have a lot to say, I’ll try to be relatively short.

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Credit where credit is due

From Progeny Componentized Linux page: Our future development efforts will center around bridging the gap between Debian APT and the APT variants that have emerged in the RPM world, as well as adding support for emerging efforts to standardize software … Continue reading

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RepositorySystem now on Subversion 0.32.1

Today we’ve finally finished the migration process of our RepositorySystem to Subversion 0.32.1. The dump and load piping process, necessary to upgrade the Subversion repository due to some changes in the format which occurred in version 0.28, took about 12 … Continue reading

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