Moved to a new place!

After a somewhat long effort, all posts were moved to the shiny new blog on, including comments!

The new blog is based on WordPress, and brings a few new features that I was missing in LiveJournal. I of course missed control over the environment, but most importantly, I was missing tag-specific RSS feeds, so that people can keep track of topic they have interest in, rather than every topic that interests me. For instance, to keep track of Python-specific posts, one may link to:

The new toy makes me feel motivated to post news about interesting things I’ve been working with lately (some cool stuff is coming, but some of it will unfortunately take a bit longer to become public), and perhaps even some past work I forgot to keep track of.

I’ve also installed a WordPress plugin to crosspost entries to LiveJournal, so that new entries are still seen there. Please, update your links or remind someone to do so if possible, as this will eventually be disabled.

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