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Google won’t kill standalone GPS

It was already dead. In some senses, anyway. Google announced a couple of days ago that they’re advancing into the business of GPS guided navigation, rather than staying with their widely popular offering of mapping and positioning only. This announcement … Continue reading

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Geocaching on the Easter Island

This post is not about what you think it is, unfortunately. I actually do hope to go to the Easter Island at some point, but this post is about a short story which involves, Groundspeak (from, and very … Continue reading

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Are you ready for the mobile revolution?

Are you? I’m not entirely sure I am, even though I think about this a lot. If you’re of the tech-savvy kind, you’re certainly aware of the great capabilities that the new mobile phone generation is bringing: Internet connection, a … Continue reading

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Enhancements on

Some improvements to were made. Some of them were motivated by a conversation with Rodrigo Stulzer. Support for geocoding addresses (city names, whatever). E.g. Millbank, London Support for moving the Geohash marker in the embedded map, so that modifying the … Continue reading

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After about one year writing this service in my spare time, it’s finally out. offers short URLs which encode a latitude/longitude pair, so that referencing them in emails, forums, and websites is more convenient. Geohashes offer properties like arbitrary … Continue reading

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brother… My brother Diogo is in town! Good to see him after so much time. pycon… PyCon 2007 was fantastic. It was great to meet everyone there, and we had two awesome sprinting weeks around it. confluence… I’ve recently visited … Continue reading

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Support for GPS TrackMaker file format on GPSBabel

Continuing my put-those-bits-out-of-your-hard-drive campaign, I’ve released a patched version of GPSBabel with support for input and output of waypoints, tracks and routes in the binary file format of GPS TrackMaker. The patch was written six months ago (sorry :-) ). … Continue reading

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