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editmoin now talks to moin 1.6

editmoin 1.8 was just released, including support for moin 1.6, submitted by both David I. Lehn and Daniele Favara, and URL aliases, as suggested by Diogo Matsubara. One interesting thing I should mention is that Daniele has sent me a … Continue reading

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All Hands is over

The All Hands conference from Canonical is over. It was one amazing week in San Francisco, US. Seeing everyone was really great. A lot of new people, many new ideas, old friends… It’s amazing how we get pumped in these … Continue reading

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Smart upgrading algorithm

One of the known issues in I’ve been trying to address in Smart for a while is the freezing effect that happens when a very complex upgrading situation (such as a full distribution upgrade) results in a combinatory explosion due … Continue reading

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