editmoin now talks to moin 1.6

editmoin 1.8 was just released, including support for moin 1.6, submitted by both David I. Lehn and Daniele Favara, and URL aliases, as suggested by Diogo Matsubara.

One interesting thing I should mention is that Daniele has sent me a reference to a Bazaar branch containing the change. It’s the first time I receive a bzr (as it’s also known) branch when the upstream project is using a different RCS (Subversion).

I actually intend to port this and other projects to Bazaar, but I’m waiting for the tags support. Hopefully it’s not too far away now.

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  1. I think bzr branches are useful even if upstream project is using a different RCS.

    I can just store them on a web dir, and upstream can:

    #bzr branch http://address/branch

    In this particular case
    1) revno 1 was the original code.
    2) revno 2 was the pacth applied to support moin 1.6

    # bzr diff -r1..2

    Sometimes a bzr branch can be seen as a set of patches with comments :)

    About bzr tags … i’m missing them too !!

  2. Yes, I also belive that it makes sense. I’m even doing it myself in a few projects I maintain changes on top of the stock version.

    It was just nice to get a branch from you unexpectedly, as it shows up that the bzr user base is growing.

  3. Do you have an upstream import of it running in Launchpad yet?

  4. Nope. My plan was always to migrate the full history, branches, and tags, to bzr, once it started to support tags. That’s why I implemented svn2bzr, and also the tentative tags support patch back in October of 2005 or so. Unfortunately, the patch wasn’t merged, nor was any other alternative support.

    Hopefully, that’s getting to an end now, as Martin said last week that the support is coming. At the same time, he told me the same thing in UBZ last year, so I’ll be holding my breath, but not for long. ;-)

  5. Leonardo Santagada says:

    You just failed to put a link to editmoin on your post…

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