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RepositorySystem now on Subversion 0.32.1

Today we’ve finally finished the migration process of our RepositorySystem to Subversion 0.32.1. The dump and load piping process, necessary to upgrade the Subversion repository due to some changes in the format which occurred in version 0.28, took about 12 … Continue reading

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Jython links

I have collected a few cool links about Jython, and I’d like to keep them somewhere. So, here they are: Embedding Jython Extending Jython Subclassing Java classes in Jython Database connectivity in Jython (zxJDBC) Database development in Jython with zxJDBC … Continue reading

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Using pyperl to build a python-like xchat interface for perl

My weekend was taken by boring academic stuff. More specifically, I’ve built a validator in C, including a tokenizer, a parser, and a scope system, to check for a small subset of the C language syntax. Anyway.. I was still … Continue reading

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Webmin and Perl inside Python

Today I’ve been talking to Cavassin about Webmin, and wondering if it would be possible to write Python modules for it. I was sure that I wasn’t being original in that idea, and Cavassin also mentioned that he had read … Continue reading

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UTF8 to ISO-8859-1 xchat converter

Today I’m a little short in time, so I decided to implement one of the bit-sized tasks in my backlog. These UTF8 raw strings appearing in my xchat when someone else is using that encoding is bothering for a long … Continue reading

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RandomFolder for Zope 3

I’ve restarted my research about Zope 3 in the last few days. This time, I went a little further. I’ve written a small product so that I was forced to debug some of the internals of Zope 3 and learn … Continue reading

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Python dateutil module released

I’m a little late here, since python-dateutil was released last week. Anyway, this is a Python package providing powerful extensions to the standard python datetime module, available with Python 2.3. I wrote it because I really missed some generic date/time … Continue reading

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Updated XChat’s python plugin

After a long time of inactivity, I’ve updated the python plugin of xchat. There were some pending bugs, and new xchat features to catch. Here is the list of changes: Fixed the reentrance problem which made xchat freeze when some … Continue reading

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Removed SRE recursion in Python

SRE is the current regular expression engine used in Python, and the scheme currently in use is highly recursive in some cases. For example, check the result of the following expression, with the current interpreters: >>> import re >>> re.match(‘(x)*’,’x’*10000) … Continue reading

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Java bits

For the first time in my life, I’ve been paid to implement something in the Java language. Conectiva has been contracted to implement X500 address book support in a known Brazilian groupware tool, for the Brazilian government. This tool runs … Continue reading

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