Storm has always reused connections (connection pooling?)

I’ve recently seen some comments here and there about the lack of connection pooling as an argument for Storm to be faster, and that once this is supported it will be slower, or even as a reason for people not to use Storm at all.

So, let me kill this argument here, at once.

We have not developed Storm only for toy projects that take 10 connections a day. We have developed Storm for heavy duty web sites like Landscape and Launchpad, and we’re proud to see it being used not only in our systems, but also out there in the wild, like for instance in large scale sites developed by the fantastic guys at Lovely Systems.

So how does the connection reuse work in practice, you ask. Here is how:

In Storm, the database is abstracted behind a small, simple, and flexible API, offered in the Store class. You use an instance of this class to deal with objects coming from a given database, and this instance will handle several aspects of your interaction with the database, such as committing, rolling back, caching, ensuring that a given row in the database maps to a single instance in memory, control of dirty objects, flushing, and so on. Pretty much all of these aspects require a correct transactional behavior to work well, and in practice this means we’ve decided that to maintain the API nice and clean, each Store is internally associated with a single Connection object. You can have as many stores as you want, connecting to the same database or to different ones, and using the same model class or entirely different code bases.

So, to summarize the above paragraph, a simple Store instance is your portal to the database. You need one of these instances around to add objects to the database (Storm won’t guess which Store you want to add things to), and to retrieve objects from it.

Considering that, if you want to reuse a connection, it’s very simple: keep your Store instance around. That’s even a strange advice, since you’re already doing that if you’re using Storm in the first place. The code in trunk, which is about to be released as version 0.12, even handles reconnections for you gracefully, including correct transactional behavior.

We even offer a tool that deals with more advanced Store management in a very comfortable way for Zope 3. In the future, we’re likely to offer the same kind of facility in a more generic API.

So, connection reuse is there, and we have always benefited from it. Connection pooling? No, thanks. We’re doing very well without the complexity and overhead.

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  1. Luis Bruno says:

    I’ll have to check Storm out.

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