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The last 4 years (and the next N?)

Some interesting changes have been happening in my professional life, so I wanted to share it here to update friends and also for me to keep track of things over time (at some point I will be older and will … Continue reading

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Screwing up Python compatibility: unicode(), str(), and bytes()

Backwards and forwards compatibility is an art. In the very basic and generic form, it consists in organizing the introduction of new concepts while allowing people to maintain existing assets working. In some cases, the new concepts introduced are disruptive, … Continue reading

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Changing people or changing rules

In my previous post I made an open statement which I’d like to clarify a bit further: (…) when the rules don’t work for people, the rules should be changed, not the people. This leaves a lot of room for … Continue reading

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Class member access control: enforcement vs. convention

For a long time I’ve been an advocate of Python’s notion of controlling access to private and protected members (attributes, methods, etc) with conventions, by simply naming them like “_name”, with an initial underline.  Even though Python does support the … Continue reading

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Wiki + Spreadsheet

The underlying concept is very simple: spreadsheets are a way to organize text, numbers and formulas into what might be seen as a natively numeric environment: a matrix. So what would happen if we loosed some of the bolts of … Continue reading

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Watch out for list(dict.keys()) in Python 3

As everyone is probably aware by now, in Python 3 dict.keys(), dict.values() and dict.items() will all return iterable views instead of lists. The standard way being suggested to overcome the difference, when the original behavior was actually intended, is to … Continue reading

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Google using Geohash

According to Dave Troy, Google seems to be using the Geohash algorithm: Google is employing the GeoHash algorithm I’ve been pushing to do spatial searching using BigTable. Since database schemes like BigTable don’t support traditional GIS extensions/spatial indexes, GeoHash allows … Continue reading

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dateutil 1.4 is out

Friday I’ve released version 1.4 of dateutil. There are some interesting fixes there, so please upgrade if you have the chance.

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Enhancements on

Some improvements to were made. Some of them were motivated by a conversation with Rodrigo Stulzer. Support for geocoding addresses (city names, whatever). E.g. Millbank, London Support for moving the Geohash marker in the embedded map, so that modifying the … Continue reading

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After about one year writing this service in my spare time, it’s finally out. offers short URLs which encode a latitude/longitude pair, so that referencing them in emails, forums, and websites is more convenient. Geohashes offer properties like arbitrary … Continue reading

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