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The Rubber Boots

(originally posted on G+) Yesterday I was just reading Armin Rigo’s post related to having Software Transactional Memory in PyPy. If you haven’t heard of Armin before, I’ll just set the context by telling you that he’s one of the … Continue reading

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Ensemble, Go, and MongoDB at Canonical

About 1 year after development started in Ensemble, today the stars finally aligned just the right way (review queue mostly empty, no other pressing needs, etc) for me to start writing the specification about the repository system we’ve been jointly … Continue reading

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Efficient algorithm for expanding circular buffers

Circular buffers are based on an algorithm well known by any developer who’s got past the “Hello world!” days. They offer a number of key characteristics with wide applicability such as constant and efficient memory use, efficient FIFO semantics, etc. … Continue reading

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Removing seatbelts with the Go language for mmap support

Continuing the sequence of experiments I’ve been running with the Go language, I’ve just made available a tiny but useful new package: gommap. As one would imagine, this new package provides access to low-level memory mapping for files and devices, … Continue reading

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Python has a GIL, and lots of complainers

I’ve just read a post by Brett Cannon where, basically, he complains about complainers. If you don’t know who Brett is, you’re probably not a heavy Python user. Brett is a very important Python core developer which has been around … Continue reading

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Mocker 1.0 for Python released!

After a few years in development, version 1.0 of Mocker is now available! Check out the changes since 0.10.1, the supported features, or go straight to the download page.

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Integrating IRC with LDAP and two-way SMSing

A bit of history I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve always enjoyed IRC bots. Perhaps it’s the fact that it emulates a person in an easy-to-program way, or maybe it’s about having a flexible and shared “command line” tool, … Continue reading

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Released editmoin 1.15

Version 1.15 of editmoin is now available. The following changes were made: Moin used to work with numerical IDs for identification, and editmoin was still based on this model. This release adds support for direct authentication as available in current … Continue reading

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The forgotten art of error checking

I was just rambling randomly yesterday, in the usual microblogging platforms, about how result checking seems to be ignored or done badly. The precise wording was: It’s really amazing how little attention error handling receives in most software development. Even … Continue reading

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Xpresser – Python library for GUI automation with image matching

In a hurry? Go check it out! The context A while ago I found out about Sikuli, a very interesting project which allows people to script actions in GUIs based on screenshot excerpts. The idea is that you basically take … Continue reading

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