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Exceptional crashes

Last week I was part of a rant with a couple of coworkers around the fact Go handles errors for expected scenarios by returning an error value instead of using exceptions or a similar mechanism. This is a rather controversial … Continue reading

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Unix-like pipelines for Go

This weekend the proper environment settled out for sorting a pet peeve that shows up every once in a while when coding: writing logic that interacts with other applications in the system via their stdin and stdout streams is often … Continue reading

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Introducing the Ubuntu Finder

A small and fun experiment is out:

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The ephemeral life of software development

Lately I’ve been considering the amount of waste we produce during software development, and how to increase the amount of recycled content. I’m not talking about actual trash, though, but rather about software development artifacts. Over the years, we’ve learned … Continue reading

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Multi-doc transactions for MongoDB

I’m glad to announce experimental support for multi-document transactions in the mgo driver that integrates MongoDB with the Go language. The support is done via a driver extension, so it works with any MongoDB release supported by the driver (>= … Continue reading

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Less is more, and is not always straightforward

´╗┐Rob Pike just wrote an article/talk that is the best background on the origins of Go yet. It surprises me how much his considerations match my world view pre-Go, and in a sense give me a fulfilling explanation about why … Continue reading

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Bazaar, the git way

Back at the Ubuntu Platform Rally last week, I’ve pestered some of the Bazaar team with questions about co-location of branches in the same directory with Bazaar. The great news is that this seems to be really coming for the … Continue reading

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Good concurrency changes the game

A long time before I seriously got into using distributed version control systems (DVCS) such as Bazaar and Git for developing software, it was already well known to me how the mechanics of these systems worked, and why people benefited … Continue reading

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Death of goroutines under control

Certainly one of the reasons why many people are attracted to the Go language is its first-class concurrency aspects. Features like communication channels, lightweight processes (goroutines), and proper scheduling of these are not only native to the language but are … Continue reading

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The Rubber Boots

(originally posted on G+) Yesterday I was just reading Armin Rigo’s post related to having Software Transactional Memory in PyPy. If you haven’t heard of Armin before, I’ll just set the context by telling you that he’s one of the … Continue reading

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