Enhancements on geohash.org

Some improvements to geohash.org were made. Some of them were
motivated by a conversation with Rodrigo Stulzer.

  • Support for geocoding addresses (city names, whatever). E.g. http://geohash.org/?q=21 Millbank, London
  • Support for moving the Geohash marker in the embedded map, so that modifying the position visually is easier.
  • Support for providing a “name” to Geohashes, by appending a colon and the name, in a nice format. E.g. http://geohash.org/c216ne:Mt_Hood
  • Provided a bookmark to get a Geohash while in Google Maps.
  • Provided a Google Maps Mapplet. When enabled, it adds a Geohash marker identifying the Geohash position in Google Maps, and it may be moved around. Here is a screenshot:

Check out the Tips & Tricks page for details on these features.

3 thoughts on “Enhancements on geohash.org

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  2. David K

    I was wondering if there is a way to do proximity searching user geohash algorithm?
    For example, if I want to find all the surrounding neighbors within 1 mile radius of current position? What will be the best way to implement?

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