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More additions to APT-RPM Lua interface

The APT-RPM Lua interface is constantly being improved. This time, the following functions were added: pkgid() and verid() Return a unique integer identifying a package or a version. verpkg() Returns the parent package of some given version. verdeplist() Returns a … Continue reading

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New KDE frontend for APT-RPM

Here is a screenshot of Kynaptic, a new experiment I’m working on. This is a KDE-based frontend for APT-RPM and APT. Kynaptic is based on Synaptic, and shares the same base code on top of the APT library. On the … Continue reading

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Toy interpreter for Linear Algebra

While working with Linear Algebra, I’ve decided to build a toy interpreter in C to play around. This was a quite interesting experiment for myself, since it was the first time I’ve built a complete (with tokenizer, compiler, and interpreter) … Continue reading

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New RPM transaction locking

Last week I’ve worked with Jeff Johnson to fix a small RPM issue which was bothering us for quite some time. Until this change, RPM was accepting two transactions to be run at the same time but, unfortunately, this might … Continue reading

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Compiler warnings in Python’s SRE

After a long time, and many people complaining about it, I finally took some time to fix some annoying compiler warnings in Python’s regular expression engine. Since it’s a rather uncommon case, I’ll explain it here with a quick example. … Continue reading

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Lunatic Python

Lunatic Python is a two-way bridge between Python and Lua, allowing these languages to intercommunicate. Being two-way means that it allows Lua inside Python, Python inside Lua, Lua inside Python inside Lua, Python inside Lua inside Python, and so on. … Continue reading

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Updated XChat’s python plugin

After a long time of inactivity, I’ve updated the python plugin of xchat. There were some pending bugs, and new xchat features to catch. Here is the list of changes: Fixed the reentrance problem which made xchat freeze when some … Continue reading

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Removed SRE recursion in Python

SRE is the current regular expression engine used in Python, and the scheme currently in use is highly recursive in some cases. For example, check the result of the following expression, with the current interpreters: >>> import re >>> re.match(‘(x)*’,’x’*10000) … Continue reading

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Using coverage checks to improve testing

Today I’ve been working to fix an old problem which beats us, Python users, from time to time: the recursive limitation in the regular expression engine, SRE. I’ll probably talk more about this fix in the future. For now, I’d … Continue reading

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Using the auto_ptr concept in C++

In C++, local instances (these not allocated by hand) have their destructors run as soon as they go out of scope. This behavior is explored in a few different schemes, besides its obvious intent of destructing the instance. The most … Continue reading

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