More additions to APT-RPM Lua interface

The APT-RPM Lua interface is constantly being improved. This time, the following functions were added:

pkgid() and verid()

Return a unique integer identifying a package or a version.


Returns the parent package of some given version.


Returns a list of dependencies for a given package, including complete information about it.

These new functions were introduced to give support for something which is frequently asked by APT-RPM users: the ability to discover which installed packages are not required by any other installed package.

Here is a script using these functions to list these packages. This script will be called list-nodeps, and will be available in the contrib/ directory of the next APT-RPM release.

-- Collect dependencies from installed packages
deplist = {}
verlist = {}
for i, pkg in ipairs(pkglist()) do
    ver = pkgvercur(pkg)
    if ver then
        table.insert(verlist, ver)
        for i, dep in ipairs(verdeplist(ver)) do
            for i, depver in ipairs(dep.verlist) do
                deplist[verid(depver)] = true

-- Now list all versions which are not dependencies
for i, ver in ipairs(verlist) do
    if not deplist[verid(ver)] then
        name = pkgname(verpkg(ver))
        if name ~= "gpg-pubkey" then
            -- Print package name and version without epoch
            -- (rpm -e friendly ;-).
            print(name.."-"..string.gsub(verstr(ver), "^%d+:", ""))

More information about the introduced functions is available in

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