Smart 0.51 available

Smart 0.51 has been released today. It includes a few bug fixes and some minor updates.

Shortly after the release, I’ve added a couple of new hooks on Smart’s trunk as well: cache-loaded, and cache-loaded-pre-link. These should enable people to write plugins that hack the cache for specific purposes. Axel Thimm has requested these for a while to introduce kernel-related upgrades. Hopefully these will fulfill his needs.

This release took a while.. probably because I’ve been quite immersed in our current project at Canonical, traveling very frequently, and without much time to blog or to do some of the usual open source activities I used to. The good thing is that we’re getting very close to the public announcement, and some of the work we’ve been doing will be released as open source, so we’re all likely to get more community-oriented interactions again.

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