Python module for Constraint Solving Problems

The constraint module presented in PyCon Brasil and later on EuroPython 2005 is now available. Here is a trivial example, solving the classical rooks problem:

problem = Problem()
numpieces = 8
cols = range(numpieces)
rows = range(numpieces)
problem.addVariables(cols, rows)
for col1 in cols:
    for col2 in cols:
        if col1 < col2:
            problem.addConstraint(lambda row1, row2: row1 != row2,
                                  (col1, col2))
solutions = problem.getSolutions()

Have fun!

Update: It was also presented in FISL 2006.

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5 Responses to Python module for Constraint Solving Problems

  1. Anonymous says:

    Python hackers, lpsolve5 and glpk4.8 need python bindings.

    Use for forestry, ecology, agricultural, mining, manufacturing, etc. management.

    Very useful for developing countries in doing properly time and space management especially in land-based management and natural resources.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Qgis needs you –python hackers!!!

    python is one of solutions for non-programmers to create useful and meaning plugin for qgis. Right now qgis plugins is only c++. No python yet in qgis.

    So python hackers willing to help. Have a look and join.

  3. PyCon seems to be very interesting and well done. With it I wrote in 30 minutes a sudoku solver.

    Grates work!!!

  4. That’s indeed a short solver for sudoku. :-)

    I hope you don’t mind if I include that in the examples directory (with credits, of course).

  5. It will be a pleasure for me!

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