PyCon Brasil is a success!

That’s right. The first brazilian Python conference, which happened last week in Unicamp, was an enormous success. Even thought I had no doubt it would be an interesting event, I got surprised to see the excellent level of the talks and the public attending the event. There were about one hundred people from all around the country, who enthusiastically observed the following topics in these two days (a rough resume):

  • Python in web management (zope, zope3, cmf, plone)
  • Python in calculus and engineering (scipy, numarray)
  • Python in biology: analysis, sequence edition, molecular alignment
  • Python in game programming (pygame)
  • Python in constraint solving problems
  • RAD in Python (pygtk, gazpacho, boa)
  • Python in graphics (gimp-python)
  • Python in education
  • The brazilian Python community
  • Python in commercial management (stoq)

For me, it was a great opportunity to meet personally many of the brazilian pythoneers I didn’t know personally, like Xiru, Sidnei da Silva, Johan Dahlin (not yet brazilian, but becoming one ;-), Rodrigo Senra, and others. It was also a great way to meet many good active pythonists I didn’t had previous contact with, and see in what ways Python is being used in several different areas.

Most of the talks were taped, and will soon be freely available somewhere (more on this later).

Thanks a lot to Rodrigo Senra and the rest of the Unicamp people who provided the space and organized the event!

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Gustavo, it was a success…the high level of the speechz and the high level of the speecherz like ya :D.

    I was there…and soon I’ll be one of the speecherz :D

  3. Rodrigo Senra says:

    The streaming of the given speeches is already available at, though I’m not very much satisfied
    with the recording quality.

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