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The last 4 years (and the next N?)

Some interesting changes have been happening in my professional life, so I wanted to share it here to update friends and also for me to keep track of things over time (at some point I will be older and will … Continue reading

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Changing people or changing rules

In my previous post I made an open statement which I’d like to clarify a bit further: (…) when the rules don’t work for people, the rules should be changed, not the people. This leaves a lot of room for … Continue reading

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Class member access control: enforcement vs. convention

For a long time I’ve been an advocate of Python’s notion of controlling access to private and protected members (attributes, methods, etc) with conventions, by simply naming them like “_name”, with an initial underline.  Even though Python does support the … Continue reading

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Jython links

I have collected a few cool links about Jython, and I’d like to keep them somewhere. So, here they are: Embedding Jython Extending Jython Subclassing Java classes in Jython Database connectivity in Jython (zxJDBC) Database development in Jython with zxJDBC … Continue reading

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Java bits

For the first time in my life, I’ve been paid to implement something in the Java language. Conectiva has been contracted to implement X500 address book support in a known Brazilian groupware tool, for the Brazilian government. This tool runs … Continue reading

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