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Recovering a bootable EBS image

Scott Moser has just announced this week that the new Ubuntu images which boot out of an EBS-based root filesystem in EC2, and thus will persist across reboots, are available for testing. As usual with something that just left the … Continue reading

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The last 4 years (and the next N?)

Some interesting changes have been happening in my professional life, so I wanted to share it here to update friends and also for me to keep track of things over time (at some point I will be older and will … Continue reading

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Google won’t kill standalone GPS

It was already dead. In some senses, anyway. Google announced a couple of days ago that they’re advancing into the business of GPS guided navigation, rather than staying with their widely popular offering of mapping and positioning only. This announcement … Continue reading

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Virtual Private Cloud is not the Private Cloud

More than 40 years ago, a guy named Douglas Parkhill described the concept of utility computing. He described it as containing features such as: Essentially simultaneous use of the system by many remote users. Concurrent running of different multiple programs. … Continue reading

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