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Multi-doc transactions for MongoDB

I’m glad to announce experimental support for multi-document transactions in the mgo driver that integrates MongoDB with the Go language. The support is done via a driver extension, so it works with any MongoDB release supported by the driver (>= … Continue reading

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Less is more, and is not always straightforward

´╗┐Rob Pike just wrote an article/talk that is the best background on the origins of Go yet. It surprises me how much his considerations match my world view pre-Go, and in a sense give me a fulfilling explanation about why … Continue reading

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Cut the rope, a tablet is NOT a laptop

Back in 2009 I quickly talked about the obvious revolution in computing that was rolling in the form of mobile phone as computer, and mentioned as well the fact that touch-based interfaces were going to dominate the marketplace because of … Continue reading

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Efficient algorithm for expanding circular buffers

Circular buffers are based on an algorithm well known by any developer who’s got past the “Hello world!” days. They offer a number of key characteristics with wide applicability such as constant and efficient memory use, efficient FIFO semantics, etc. … Continue reading

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Integrating Go with C: the ZooKeeper binding experience

ZooKeeper is a clever generic coordination server for distributed systems, and is one of the core softwares which facilitate the development of Ensemble (project for automagic IaaS deployments which we push at Canonical), so it was a natural choice to … Continue reading

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Interfaces and the design of software

A while ago Martin Pool made a very interesting post on the design of interfaces, inspired by a talk from Rusty Russel from 2003. Besides the interesting scale of interface quality explained there, this is a very insightful comment, often … Continue reading

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Recovering a bootable EBS image

Scott Moser has just announced this week that the new Ubuntu images which boot out of an EBS-based root filesystem in EC2, and thus will persist across reboots, are available for testing. As usual with something that just left the … Continue reading

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After about one year writing this service in my spare time, it’s finally out. offers short URLs which encode a latitude/longitude pair, so that referencing them in emails, forums, and websites is more convenient. Geohashes offer properties like arbitrary … Continue reading

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APT-RPM article now in portuguese

I’ve translated to portuguese (pt_BR) the APT-RPM article I wrote for LWN. It’s available in printed media on Revista do Linux #50, and also on the LinuxIT site.

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APT-RPM Article

I’ve written an article about APT-RPM to LWN, exposing features recently introduced in the software. Check it out!

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